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Our Strategies


Generating more revenue requires us to develop strategic insights about our clients’ needs and goals, elevating and broadening our mutually-beneficial relationships and measuring our contribution to our clients’ businesses.


Improving our efficiency means achieving speed, quality and effective use of resources throughout all our operations.


Demonstrating our commitment to innovation requires us to continuously capture creativity in local markets and replicate this around the world especially in Middle East countries. Our role is to develop and expand our capabilities, while creating services targeted to what’s new and what’s next in the world of work.

Thought Leadership:

Maintaining our thought leadership means continuously anticipating future dynamics of the market and contributing to the design of social and employment systems on a global basis.


Connecting People with Possibilities

Bangladesh may not be blessed with natural resources but is a home of enormous manpower which has a potential to catapult Bangladesh into the leading manpower exporting countries of the world. So far Bangladesh has been known for its semi-skilled and unskilled work force being sent to work abroad. But gradually we are exporting increasing number of Engineers, Doctors, IT specialists, Financial and Accounting Managers each year. This change of talent migration will soon put Bangladesh into world’s leading talent hub.

As there has been an economic and development renaissance in Asia, a huge demand of work force has been called upon by the countries involved in this phenomenon. Hence, to meet their demand a potential to use the underutilized labor force of Bangladesh has caught our attention. Easel Overseas has been in the business of tapping human resource from Bangladesh and placing them in these countries for the last 25 years. Using the acquired experience, Easel Overseas plants to satisfy the demand of these requirements as well as contribute to the economic growth of the country by reducing unemployment and increasing the foreign exchange of the country.

As mentioned, Easel Overseas has been in this business for the last 7 years, it has acquired the technical know-how of the business and over the years it has made the necessary modifications in the process of identifying potential jobs and placing the required human resource. Easel Overseas, as it was, will always be open to necessary changes to smoothen the recruitment process, to make the formalities easy for both the employees and employers.

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