Oman Visa

It is a visa given to people who want to enter a foreign country for short-term purposes. Be it for a vacation, medical-treatment, or attending a conference or any other purposes. Especially for countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Australia, a visit-visa is a must.

Things you must know about Visitor Visas:

The Visitor Visa process is usually hassle-free and is easily obtained by applicants who possess a genuine reason for their travel purpose or have made an international trip before.
Most Visitor Visa applicants are required to show to the government officials that they have enough funds to support themselves during the visit and that they have arranged for proper accommodations while living on a Visitor Visa.
Applicants who have applied for the Visitor Visa are asked to submit their documents to validate their application. While the USA is an exception when it comes to this, most other countries do not ask the applicant to be present for an interview process.
Biometric testing of the applicant is done by most of the countries when they are issued with a Visitor Visa.
The Visitor Visa is typically given to the applicant for a period that ranges from 3 to 6 months based on the country.

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